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WhatsApp has made an announcement for the benefit of small business owners. WhatsApp said that the Confederation of India Industry (CII) will train small business owners (SMEs) so that merchants can increase their earnings using this platform.

Partnership with CII:

Together with WhatsApp and CII will help to increase business communication for small business owners. For this, CII has used the SME Technology Facilitation Center. This center was started in November 2016.

Easy to reach any corner:

WhatsApp and CII will work on content that can easily be delivered to merchants. The CII executive said that the technology center will help small business owners to increase their business. Merchants will be able to deliver their products and services to any corner of the country using this platform. According to a statement, WhatsApp Business will give on-ground training to the app's features to reach merchants.

30 million users:

Worldwide 30 million waps use WhatsApp business app.

For those who can not be included as a person in the training, the Webinar will be organized and will also be available on the Training Materiel CII SME website.

There are many prospects in India:

WhatsApp's Public Policy Manager said that small business owners in India can take the help of WhatsApp to increase their business. Through this app, more customers can easily reach.

What is Whatsapp Business App?

This app was launched in January this year. This has made companies easily connect with their customers. This app can be downloaded for free, in which special features will create your business profile. Where you can connect with customers and respond to customer questions through messaging tools.

Data will also help:

The number of messages read in this app like Simple Matrix will be reviewed, which will include customer reviews. This will list the merchants business account, so that the customers can know if the dealer is talking.

The Help Of Mobile, Home-Made Earnings, Training Will Give WhatsApp


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