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The country's largest bank, State Bank of India (SBI), is offering a special facility to its ATM card holders, allowing SBI customers to control their ATM cards. For this, SBI has prepared a special app, which is thus SBI's Quick One. This app has special features for special ATM card control. SBI has also tweeted on its Twitter handle to provide information about this app. SBI QUICKLY This is the facility of Missed Call and SMS banking, but it is an app that lets you easily take advantage of SBI's facility. Thus, SBI Quick has the same features as the rest of the SBI apps but there is a separate facility for ATM cards.

It is completely secure:
Actually, this app will allow you to block your ATM card, ON-OFF, and ATM PIN generated, so that you can take special care of the card security. However, this app will only be used when the download app has a registered mobile number in the bank

Can also block the card:
If your ATM card is lost and you want to block, you will have to select 'ATM Card Blocking' in the App's 'ATM cum debit card' feature. For this, you will have to select the last 4 number of the card and select it on the Continent. Apart from this, using SMS, you will need to SMS the last 4 digit of the block-space-- debit card to 567676.

ATM card can ON-OFF switch to any ATM machine, POS machine, E-Commerce International and Domestic usage. For this, enter the last 4 digits of the card on the 'ATM cum debit card' feature of the app and click on the ATM Card ON-OFF. After this you can select an option and switch ON-OFF. Also, if you want to send a message, you will have to send an SMS to 09223588888. To switch ATM Transaction - To switch the last 4 digits of the SWONATM-- space-- card and switch off - Enter the last 4 digits of the SWOFFATM-- space-- card.

These features will also be available:
Apart from ATM control, you can get the balance loan in SBI Quick, Mini Statement, Car Loans - Home Loans. PM will get access to encryption, accounting, account statement, home loan interest certificate, and education loan certificates using e-mail in e-mail, in social security schemes.


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