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After the BJP retracted caste equations in Gujarat, the government is increasingly heading towards an important decision. Before the Lok Sabha elections, the government is trying to keep all the communities together. The BJP's fall in the village goes down. Rather than relying on urban voters, BJP has tried to convince the villagers too. In the Lok Sabha elections, the displeasure of the rural voters can be severe. The BJP has now formulated a master plan to suppress all the Andalolas with one another. Which can be implemented in the near future. This may be done by the BJP in the evening.

Consider giving benefits to 35 schemes

The state government is likely to take an important decision to track the Lok Sabha elections. It may be the government's major decision to attract non-reserved castes. Non-reserved castes can also get the benefit of the scheme which is benefitted in the reserved category. Non-reserved castes are being considered to benefit from 35 schemes. The non-reserve commission is likely to recommend the government.

Non-reservation commission will recommend to the government within 3 months

Educational loans for foreign education, higher education loans and government jobs will be benefitted. The idea of ​​providing educational loans in 2 to 4 percent is underway. Residency in age limits and non-reserved castes can also be benefited in the women's category. There is a possibility that non-reserved castes may also get the benefit of government's plan and subsidy. The non-reserve commission is likely to recommend the government within a few days. After 3 months the non-reserve commission will recommend the government, the possibility of commencement of the proceedings will start.

The possibility of a non-reserve commission to be surveyed in one month

The government is also in the mood to implement these recommendations immediately. Non-reserve commission recommendation and government approval, non-reserve corporation will implement it. There is a possibility that the non-reserve commission will conduct surveys in a month for non-reserved castes. 500 to 600 samples will be taken for the district. After that there will be a definite need for non-reserved castes. If the decision is approved, then all the ongoing executions may be curtailed. Rupani can prove to be a master plan in the Lok Sabha elections. Now, when the Loksabha elections are being formulated, the decision can benefit the BJP.

The Chairman of the Unauthorized Commission addresses the press conference

After announcing the various benefits to the families under the unannounced commission, the chairman of the non-reserved judge Hansraj Gajera addressed the press conference. In Rajkot, Chairman Hansraj Gajera said that it is the government's priority to give benefits to other caste students deprived of the benefits of reservation. The government has 35 different schemes. It is beneficial for the students of the unarmed class. After studying this issue, the structure will be prepared and sent to the government, along with the necessary plans for the students will also be activated, Hansraj Gajera said further.


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